Coaching with Priscilla provided me with a personnel champion that helped me determine my future self.  Developing a trusting relationship with Priscilla allowed me to develop conversations that are authentic, definitive and more satisfying to all in order to have the future I want. – Sonya, Architect

Working with our Board, Priscilla energized and inspired the whole team as we made the transition from a regional network to a global organization.  Her example of clearly communicated purpose enabled our diverse membership to see beyond their current roles and create a new organizational identity. – James ~ Executive Director, International NGO

Priscilla is a modern day Pygmalion discovering, uncovering and chipping away to reveal the Leader within you. Working with Priscilla is nothing less than liberating! –  Connie ~ Second Generation Bricks

Thank you Priscilla, for giving me my voice to be confident, assertive, and go after what I always knew I could do, but didn’t have the courage to go get it.  You helped me see beyond the fact that I was a good employee, and why wouldn’t my employer move me through the ranks, to being pro-active with my self-promotion through the organization.  I found my voice to brag about what I can deliver to the bottom line and how helping clients achieve their goals, also helped me achieve mine. – Tanya ~ Vice President Private Bank

I interviewed seven coaches in person before interviewing Priscilla via telephone.  I chose Priscilla. – Roberto ~ Managing Director, Financial Services

Priscilla uniquely understands that self-assessment coupled with preparation is the essence that enables an individual to appropriately and enthusiastically seize the moment in every experience and encounter professionally and personally.  Beginning with the extremely powerful insights around relationship development and goal setting, Priscilla gives executable advice on how to be an effective leader in any environment.  My work with Priscilla has been a pivotal, life changing partnership that I would recommend to every senior professional. – Michael ~ Defense

I want to thank you your contributions to my personal and professional growth.  Coaching was a fantastic experience and I truly believe that it was the catalyst to my decision to jump-start my career and try something new. – Edgar ~ SVP, Marketing

Priscilla, more than anyone else, has helped me to do three things that have been critical to my success:  define with great clarity my personal and professional missions; avoid distractions in order to focus on targeted goals; and finally, let go of those stumbling blocks that might prevent me from reaching my full potential. – Jose ~ Director, Healthcare

Priscilla, I believe you are really gifted in giving energy to other people! – Todd ~ Mobile App & Tech Innovator

In just over a year, Priscilla Douglas helped me develop and improve my personal brand.   With her no-nonsense style, Priscilla helped me understand myself and leverage my interactions with others, at all levels of the organization.  Like a chess players – I am now thinking multiple moves ahead.  We not only focused on gaps I needed to fill but also spent just as much time harnessing my strengths. – Ellen ~ VP, Six Sigma and Quality

After a long hiatus from university teaching, I thought I’d never get another academic job, especially in this competitive market, but Priscilla would not give up on me. By getting me to focus on the positive things that were going on with my life, instead of my past, we were able to get me an interview; and when we did, Priscilla had me so prepared, I soared through it.  I love my new job and my new outlook on life.  Priscilla may call in coaching, but I believe she’s secretly a fairy godmother. – Rosalynn ~ Music Composer and Artist

I have worked with Priscilla over the years as I have made life changes and assumed more responsibility.  Most notable is the work we did together when I was promoted from Manager to Vice President at a consulting firm. She helped me to become more effective and efficient in my new role. She used a combination of exercises and feedback that were relevant and immediately useful. – Yolanda ~ Principal, Management Consultant

Priscilla has the intuitive ability to identify the areas I need to work on to improve my business approach.  Her tools and recommendations not only helped me significantly increase my rapport and strategy which equated to stronger results, but the satisfaction I get from the new grounding I use to work now is tremendous. My career is customized to take advantage of my unique strengths.   I highly recommend Priscilla.” – Rohan ~ Managing Director, Venture Capital

The next best thing to having the savvy Priscilla Douglas as your personal career coach is to read her thought-provoking book on finding and sustaining success.” — Rosabeth Moss Kanter ~ Harvard Business School Professor and bestselling author of Confidence and SuperCorp: How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth, and Social Good.

Priscilla’s coaching has been invaluable. She is incredibly skilled at asking difficult but necessary questions and encouraging you to see things from a different perspective. She has helped me to more effectively negotiate and identify strategies to achieve my goals.  Priscilla has helped me to critically analyze organizational dynamics and distill the key opportunities for success and/or change. With her help, I have identified strategies to foster better work/life balance and attain my personal and professional goals.  I only wish I started working with Priscilla earlier.

Priscilla’s skills have allowed our diversity councils to exceed levels of achievement that were far beyond our reach in terms of staff development and confidence.  Her style is informal and practical while at the same time having an impact on the individuals that she comes in contact with.  Through her leadership and knowledge of people practices and her interpersonal skills she has assisted in helping us develop, motivate and retain our diverse employees.  The caliber of her coaching skills and varied consulting services she is a pleasure to have on our team.